Friday, July 29, 2011

Routine/Chore Charts

In my constant effort to get organized and 'get it together' (especially with the school year drawing nearer) I have made routine and chore charts with the girls' help and input. 

We made night time routine charts:
This one is Anna's.  Macy's is the same except she does not yet pick out her own clothes for the next day.  And yes, right now we only do baths on Wednesday's and Sunday's.  My girl's both have extremely dry skin, so bathing too much irritates it. 
Here is Anna with both of her charts.  The girls got to help hang them up in their rooms.  Anna's chores are to pick up her toys (Ha!), put away her clean laundry (something she is meticulous about), and feed the dog.  Macy's chores are to pick up her toys (again with the 'Ha!'), and put the silverware on the table for dinner.  I didn't do morning routine charts, because I have tried those before and really everything on them was pretty common sense and the girls basically did them anyway, without the chart.   Hopefully these charts will help to keep us on track and get us a little more neat and organized.

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