Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fly Lady

In case any of you out in Cyberland have not heard of her, I thought I'd throw out a link to The Fly Lady. 
This website is awesome for getting your life organized and on track.  You have to do a little exploring on the site to really get the gist of it, but it has worked for me...a few times....I fall off of the horse quite often!  But it really does have some helpful tips if you are as disorganized and messy as I am. 
She helps you to avoid C.H.A.O.S. which she defines as Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome....a disease I often suffer from!!

FlyLady's FlyToon

She starts you with 'babysteps' which is adding a new element to your routine everyday.  I am way too impatient for one little step a day...I want bigger, better, faster, more results!  So I did A BUNCH of steps a day for like three days and got myself into it.  I am currently 'off of the horse' but planning to get back on and try to get myself ready for the new school year ahead.  Ugh! School!

(Oh, and yes, for those who caught it, I did just reference a 4 Non Blondes album....*hangs head in shame*)

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